5694 Highway 7, Markham Calabria Bakery 905-471-1033
1772 Midland Ave, Scarborough Calabria Bakery 416-755-1175
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Family owned and operated for over 25 years
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La Pizza
Wood Fired Pizza
Gourmet Pizza

La Pizza is made when ordered and usually ready in under ten minutes.

Thin crust fresh ingredients and lots of love is the secret. Our two locations offer unique pizza experience. The Scarbough stores oven is old fashioned wood fired giving a beautiful smokey flavor to a already excellent Pizza pie. And at the Markham store the six inch stone bottom oven crisps the pizza perfectly every time for a perfect finished Pizza.

  • ROSAS PIZZA (olive oil-tomato-boccocini-anchovies-oregeno)
  • ARCHIES (sauce-cheese-mushrooms-onions)
  • ARGHERITA (sauce-cheese)
  • IZZA CLASSICO (sauce-cheese-pepperoni)
  • CALABRIA (sauce-cheese-pancetta-olives-hot peppers)
  • PESCATORE (sauce-cheese-mix of seafood)
  • PIZZA IMPERA (sauce-cheese-black forrest ham-capers)
  • PIZZA ORTOLANA (vegetarian)

Also Available:
Panzerotto / Calzone
A fantastic pizza pocket!

Or, like Michael Angelo, Create Your Own!

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